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  Objectives of CAA

To promote interactions among all those involved in the cocoa trade in Asia through the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge.

To promote the interests of cocoa industry in Asia through active participation in trade discussions within the industry, dialogues with government authorities and making representation on behalf of the industry.

To promote a sustainable growth of the cocoa industry by formulating the appropriate strategies, policies and measures.

To serve as a channel of communication between the industry and government agencies, trade bodies and international trade forums affecting the cocoa industry.

To assist and work in close consultation with the relevant authorities in formulating quality standards for cocoa and cocoa products.

To assist and encourage research and development of cocoa and cocoa related products.

To introduce and reform and undertake any arrangements with a view to promote and protect commercial and other useful objects connected with the trade.

To develop for members a standard Cocoa contract for the Asian cocoa trade.

To serve as an arbitration centre for trade disputes in the cocoa industry.




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