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CAA Chairman’s Comments on CAA Q4 2016 Grind
19 January 2017

The Cocoa Association of Asia reported a strong 4Q-2016 grind number of 188,493 mt, which was an increase of 16.9% over Q4-2015. Total grindings for 2016 reached 651,494 mt, a 9.05% increase over full year 2015. The reported Q4 grind, as well as full year 2016 numbers, were both new highs for CAA reporting, which started back in 2011.

The record grind numbers were driven by several factors. Bean availability issues, which plagued factories during the first half of 2016, were relieved by local production and easier imports into Indonesia. Asian grinders also benefited from supply chain issues in Europe which resulted in increased demand for cocoa ingredients from Asia. In addition, the strong grind numbers are reflective of continued strong demand for cocoa ingredients within Asia, helped in part by lower cocoa prices.




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